Is Jana Duggar Dating Nathan Bates? Fans Are Totally Down For The Pairing

The Duggars and The Bates are well-known families in the United States, due to their televised lives. Oh, yeah, and the number of kids they have. Both families have 19 kids and counting , ironically both have the same amount of kids but in opposite numbers: The Duggars have nine girls and ten boys, The Bates have ten girls and nine boys. As any couple trying to name a child will tell you—it’s a grueling process. A child’s name represents the qualities or characteristics a parent desires their child to have, which is usually the reason parents name their kids after someone or something they admire. A child’s name can tell you who they are and will shape their identity. It’s pretty amazing how many names start with the letter J.

Michaella Bates in Light of Her Sister’s Pregnancy

The Bates family has 19 children and 12 grandchildren from parents Gil and Kelly Bates. Gil and Kelly Jo in October of Kelly Jo is a housewife and homeschool mom [6]. Anniversary: December 19, [7].

This week on Bringing Up Bates, hear the Bates family discuss courtship. If they decided a kiss could be included in their chosen courtship rules, there Interesting older sister Carlin has been courting Evan far longer than.

Dating a Duggar is certainly unlike dating many others, as there are strict courtship rules that must be followed. Every courtship is approved by the family patriarch, Jim Bob, TLC reminds us , and the hope is that marriage is the end result. While not all courtships work out, most do, as the Duggars have wedding bells in mind from the moment they meet their approved date.

Once a Duggar has entered a courtship, they can go on dates with their significant other — but they must have a chaperone in attendance to make sure nothing too scandalous happens. There are a ton of similarities between the Bates and the Duggars. The Bates seem to be a little more lenient on some of these strict courtship rules, however. Kelly Bates has written on her blog about her feelings on dating in her family.

This seems like a much more modern approach than what the Duggars practice.

‘Bringing Up Bates’ Stars Announce Wedding Date

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Aug 19, – Bringing Up Bates stars (and Duggar pals) Whitney and Zach Bates welcomed a baby boy, son 5 Rules for Relationships. The 19 Kids & Counting family talks to PEOPLE about love and marriage. Jodi SmithCourtship/​Dating.

The announcement aired on UPtv , May No pregnancy is also big news, especially in a reality show that capitalizes on the idea of family. She and her husband Brandon Keilen revealed in the Jan. As time passed after her marriage, she said she started to wonder when she would get pregnant. It seemed like suddenly everyone I knew was expecting a baby.

And it is true that several members of the Bates family have recently announced pregnancies and given birth. Two of her sisters, Alyssa and Erin Bates, consecutively gave birth to their daughters on March 29 and 30, Now, Tori Bates is expecting her baby this fall. How does Michaella Bates rectify her own place within a mega family who is famous, in essence, for their fertility?

Infertility is already linked with emotional struggles. Another study cited by Harvard Health compared the emotional and mental health of women with infertility to that of people diagnosed with cancer, hypertension, or those recovering from a heart attack by evaluating their answers on a standard psychological questionnaire.

As reality shows featuring mega families suggest, family, childhood, and motherhood are all important concepts and values for Americans. Maybe these shows would not be as popular in Switzerland or Bulgaria , for example, where birth rates are some of the lowest in the world. What can make infertility treatments so challenging, then, are the social expectations and pressures surrounding concepts of happiness and pregnancy.

Meet the Bates Family – All 20 of Them

Over the last decade, women have been focused more on their careers rather than getting married and starting a family. But for the Duggars, this way of life is unheard of. The Duggars also have a list of rules for their daughters to follow, including wearing modest clothing, and not being allowed to befriend women who are unwed mothers.

Bates family rules. Do you think when the parents are away? That they have the same rules or they are much more lenient when the older ones are in charge?

Whitney Eileen Perkins Bates is the biological daughter of J. She is married to Zach Bates. Whitney as a baby. At the age of thirteen, Whitney was placed into foster care for unknown reasons. When Whitney was sixteen, the Owens were granted full custody of Whitney. Due to her age, she opted not to change her last name to Owens.

Jana Duggar & Lawson Bates: Are They Fast-Tracking Their Courtship?

The gym is split in two, separated by a heavy-polyester blue curtain. Near that curtain, a group of men, all of whom have been designated as VIP, await the start of the game at the Peach Jam recruiting showcase. Another man, who appears to be with Nike, makes his way over. He points to the court in Gym 4, just on the other side of the curtain. He points to Emoni Bates who, at 15 years old, some recruiting analysts already consider to be the most talented high school player in America.

Folks, there’s reason to believe that Lawson Bates is courting Jana Duggar. Anyway, the Duggar courtship rules are the stuff of legend, and they’re It’s just one of the family’s many archaic methods for ensuring that no one.

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Does anyone know what the cases are like in their area? In their defense, it could be a hybrid situation so he may only go to actual school like two days a week.

Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates Spark Courting Rumors Following His Latest Posts

Fans of Counting On have seen Jana Duggar and her siblings grow up. Now 30, Jana is the oldest unmarried Duggar. Fans have been waiting for her to announce a courtship relationship for years, and many people believe that an announcement is imminent. The potential suitor in question? Lawson Bates.

“Courting” is the theme on the new season of TLC’s hit reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” which stars the Duggar family and premieres.

Well, except maybe the Bates. Maybe that temped you to watch Bringing Up Bates to get your fundie fix. If not, we have everything you need to know. In fact, fans of both families have started something of a rivalry amongst them, with some firmly on Team Duggar or Team Bates. But how true is that? They even named their oldest daughter the delightfully radical name Michael although they call her Michaella. However, the Duggars outdo the Bateses when it comes to grandkids.

The Bateses have six grandkids and the Duggars have ten with two more on the way.

Michelle’s Take: Modesty and Courtship