Kaywoodie Block Meerschaum

Thank you Shae. Visit his shop sometime and look around. I wanted to also add one to my sandblast Relief Grain collection. The pipe other than faded and dirty was in excellent condition. When i went to unscrew the stem the metal collar had stuck to the tenon stinger and unscrewed from the pipe. This is a result of sitting uncleaned for a long period of time and or sitting too tight allowing corrosion to build up from moisture left in the pipe. Its a easy fix though. I was pleased its a early Relief Grain 4 hole stinger model. The shape number breaks down as.

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It became a brand of S. Kaywoodie seconds: Bentley US , Devonshire. The cloverleaf logo : the round logo black cloverleaf in white circle or white cloverleaf in black circle was first used in Up until the late 40’s this logo was used on all of the upper grades pipes. The concomitant use of the plain white cloverleaf and the disk inlaid logo continued untill the early 80’s. After that the logo was moved to the side of the stem exceptions exist.

SHOW DATE SATURDAY March 11th, Northeast Pipe Smoking Contest and Holiday Party (Kaywoodie Event). Published on: 11/8/ Our great.

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Kbb pipe dating I believe it has been copied. Source: Kaywoodie was an old kbb.

Kaufmann Bros & Bondy Inc Tobacco Smoking Briar Pipe Display that states that Kaufmann Bros. uses x-ray for their Drinkless KayWoodie pipes. a wide variety of quality American Antique items dating from the to time period.

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Kaywoodie Dating

That is what exactly my thought was, when I looked closely at the small pipe in my hand that I had selected as my next project for restoration. Those who have read my previous write ups on pipe restoration would know that I have inherited a large number of pipes from my grandfather dating between the periods from s to s. I had not come across a single Kaywoodie pipe in the two boxes I had opened, one box still remaining unopened!!!

This is as stated above will be correct at once. dating smoking pipes They Miller on natural tobaccos enhanced by Kaywoodie Shape Number of finish. At UTC.

Privacy Terms. Christian Pipe Smokers Skip to content. Quick links. New Kaywoodie 93B Pipe and other hardware related discussions. The vulcanite stem has 2 marks where stickers were and it is a darker black there than the rest of the pipe Also, the inside of the bowl seems like it is coated with a varnish almost, but it is definitely not smoked.

Kaywoodie History

Frank; a company with a rich history. As I learned more about the company, Bill, and the history, I decided to form my company, Greywoodie LLC, in order to make Kaywoodie and other underrepresented pipes more available to pipe smokers everywhere. Frank, as it exists today, is a combination of some of the biggest names in pipe making from the early part of the 20th Century. Sometime before , the Dinwoodie name had been discontinued and the Kaywoodie name was beginning to be used on an extensive line of pipes that was so popular, it eventually became the name of the company.

The origin of the name Kaywoodie is a combination of the letter K, from Kaufman Brothers of KBB, and wood, in reference to the briar used in their pipes.

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Help me identify this vintage pipe possibly very old KBB Kaywoodie pipe.

A couple of months ago I bought an Ehrilch Canadian on eBay and left it off to the side waiting for the summer temps to drop to be able to work in the garage at my bench. It got a good ream, followed by a good retort before starting on the real work. It took about six times with new ever clear each time to get it to come out clear. Once satisfied that it was clean I then put the stem into an Oxyclean bath to loosen up the oxidization. Next it was time to get into the sanding of the stem to bring it back.

The bowl was in good shape.

This is a KB&B acrylic? pipe. Dating back to the Civil War, KB&B originally introduced the Kaywoodie line of pipes. I think this one is circa The bowl.

This is an exclusive bidding opportunity for this amazing kaywoodie pipes. The real photos offer more knowle Great addition for your vintage pipe collection! Used Vintage Drinkless Kaywoodie A little dirt and small scratch other than that seems to be like new. Asking price is Vintage drinkless kaywoodie pipe store display.

Restoring my Grandfather’s…what the…A Kaywoodie?????

John just got home with some new things just posted! Briar Pipes. Note that there is 12 information pamphlets that are stored on this display. Each pamphlet has 12 pages with detailed information regarding the truth about Briar Pipes, along with illustrations and test results.

VINTAGE Pre- SUPER GRAIN KAYWOODIE PIPE Push Stem along with the shape lists in the Appendix, can, also be useful in dating a pipe.

Early “President”. FOR stamping allows to date the pipe above:. The first 2 numbers 77 designate pipes style or finish. The kaywoodie 2 are the shape numbers. The numerical code may be reinforced by a letter for variants. Early Suntan. Suntan period:. Early Thorn. Thorn period:. Claude Pipes. Al Pascia BollitoPipe. Brog Pipes Pipes2Smoke. Alex Member Joined:.

Kaywoodie pipe dating

Post a Comment. The Briar Files. A blog about pipes and pipe smoking. About Me AlanDP “An unpopular opinion concerning politics or religion lies concealed in the breast of every man; in many cases not only one sample, but several. The more intelligent the man, the larger the freightage of this kind of opinions he carries, and keeps to himself.

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